“Quality is the key that opens markets – and keeps
them open. Customers are looking not only the
highest quality images but also for the highest
quality total service and product package.”

♪ Our aim is to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions that satisfy our customers audio-visual needs and ensure complete satisfaction.
♪ As a team we strive to maintain a working environment that promotes equal opportunity and social values…


In searching for the complete solutions for its customers, RMS Audio-Video systems established in 1999, have combined the latest technology, the best quality of products with the best service and customer care to reach our goal to become one of Cyprus most respected and valued companies by offering our knowledge and service to all people everywhere in a professional and innovative way that will enrich their needs.

We emphasize continuous efforts on innovation and originality-encouraging new and divergent voices and producing services and technology that meet our customers changing needs.

 We value our customers- putting their needs and interests at the centre of everything we do, and building relationships based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

We treat one another with respect-creating value by working together within and across our business.

We rigorously uphold our customers’ confidentiality and a respect for the competition- earning the trust of our customers. We compete vigorously but fairly.

RMS Audio-Video Systems and its employees recognise that we have responsibility, and opportunity, to contribute to the communities in which we live, in ways that make a meaningful difference to people lives.